Most of the online businesses understand SEO as a process that doesn’t have much room for deviation and comes with a single approach. It goes on with writing great content, getting on-page SEO in order, sending outreach emails while building backlinks then, hit the front page, and finally, rinse and repeat.

However, what they don’t understand is this is only half a battle. It doesn’t matter how great the on-page SEO is if it accidentally is set on robots.txt to block site-wide crawler access. Don’t know what is being talked about, read on.

San Antonio SEO expert wants you to understand technical SEO and learn it for effectively optimizing the site. Here in, the situations highlight a background in technical SEO but do not serve as an instructive solution for those situations.

There’s is a lot of confusion surrounding the classification of “technical SEO” as different people hold different definitions of what it is and it’s importance.

So, Technical SEO is the skillset that lets you speak the language of web crawlers for the search engine. It comes as a third category of SEO and is different from both on-page and off-page SEO. Simply put, technical SEO optimizes the website from a backend perspective. Technical SEO includes dealing with URL structuring, redirect codes, your robots.txt and .htaccess files and not just about outreach and link building.

Why is technical SEO important?

Let’s be honest and straightforward, none of the best SEO can be formed if you’re lacking technical SEO know-how.

Internet marketing is becoming quirky, and so are the everyday problems that we encounter and need problem-solving. These issues can be obscure, one-off circumstances unique to your website and its configuration.

If a business does not know how to play with a critical mindset and narrow down the problem at hand, they are at a stand-still until San Antonio SEO company fixes it for them.

To really get into the depth of understanding the importance of technical SEO, some of these common occurrences have been lined up that cannot be addressed  properly without an understanding of technical SEO:

Website speed optimization

Users have time only for snappy and fast-loading websites.

Most of the time it happens that a user hits the back button if a website is taking more than 3 seconds to load. Popular search engines have also confirmed that page loading time is a definitely good sign of ranking in its algorithm. This should be enough to convince the users. Start from understanding render-blocking Javascript, browser caching or HTML and CSS. Giving off the website maintenance to a San Antonio SEO company would be a great way too.

If not, then chances are the owners wouldn’t be able to improve the site’s load speed without help.


The robots.txt text file is for instructing search engine crawlers and it is definitely important to learn how it works.

Don’t use duplicate content

Duplicate content can result in indexing of multiple variations of the same page by Google. Then it results in a penalty or can get temporary de-indexing for the parts of the website.

So, improve the technical SEO skills

Now that you know how important the more technical SEO skillset is, it’s time to start even for the small business to hire a team for Local SEO in San Antonio.

However, the best teacher of technical SEO is simply experimentation. Start with a fresh website and then just play around with it. Most of all, change the robots.txt then try to crawl the site and see for yourself what happens.


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