Most of the online business owners understand that the increase in revenue goes hand in hand with increased traffic. So, for generating more venue one needs to generate more traffic. Then, what happens when a website starts to lose traffic?

There are a few easy explanations for a lower volume of traffic and could have a lot of impact on the traffic level. So, here in one can understand those common causes that any Los Angeles SEO consultant considers can make a website lose its traffic and the ways to fix it.

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  1. Recent changes made to the design or website structure – This is the most common cause for losing traffic for business and could make a lot a lot of difference with decreased traffic. But, this could be confusing, as changes should increase the traffic as all of it is being done to get more people. However, it could just mean that the website missed by integrating certain aspects while making the changes.
    The new design may look great and better for the audience, but hiring an SEO company in Los Angeles makes sure that the pages are optimized for SEO so that it takes full effect on the audience.
    How to fix it: Optimize the page for SEO.
  2. The page is too slow – This could happen often after the site gets updated or when one creates a new design. When new elements get added to the pages, you should be optimized. If elements including photos, videos, and items with big files aren’t optimized, they slow down the page. Then, users hate slow loading pages as they don’t want to keep waiting until the page shows up fully instead, they want it quickly. If the pages load too slowly, the website might lose traffic.
    How to fix it: Check the page speed by opting for SEO services in Los Angeles.
  3. Links to outdated or deleted pages – With time, the website gets updated. So, the website gets restructured, redesigned and updated pages move around. While this could be a great benefit to the business but could end up hurting the business if one neglects to fully update the pages.
    Now understand this, while redoing the site pages get moved often. One may not move every page around on the site but might restructure some of the pages and move them to different spots on the website.
    If you linked to that page on a different page, the link becomes broken. Then, users get directed to an error page. Then, even with newly updated pages, one might still have links to the old page you deleted. This might cause a business to lose traffic with lost credibility. As people might want to find broken links and pages that aren’t updated.
    How to fix it: Check all your links. 
  4. No earring of earning backlinks – Backlinks are a very crucial part for SEO. SO, one needs to earn backlinks in order to boost the website’s ranking and reach more credible leads. If the local SEO  in Los Angeles aren’t currently earning backlinks, it may cause drop-in traffic as backlinks bring new traffic to the website. They are able to drive in leads that would be interested in the products or services and this isn’t a once and done the behavior, and requires a constant effort.
    How to fix it: Continually earn backlinks for Los Angeles SEO.

These errors come with a solution and working on it would recover the lost website traffic in a few months time. Additionally, hiring a good team always comes handy in fixing the issues in time.


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